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The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease.

Muncie Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care

Over 30 years experience, specializing in low force adjusting, Fibromyalgia and Functional Medicine. Our goal is for you to live your life to the fullest.


Diagnosed due the presence of a typical set of symptoms, but the presence of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have Fibromyalgia. We work to find the correct diagnosis.


Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a system and approach that focuses on identifying the root cause of the disease. We test, we don't guess.

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Disc Decompression

Disc decompression is a non-evasive strategy with the assistance of technological advancements, to lessen the pain in the spine and the legs.

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Laser Therapy

This form of chiropractic therapy is used to help prevent headaches, joint swelling, back and neck pain, muscle strains, and many other beneficial healing aspects.

About TCC

About Tri-County Chiropractic

Dr. David Anderson brings over 30 years of experience to Muncie and the surrounding area.

30+ years of experience

Worked in a thriving Chiropractic practice that served the community of Millbrae, California. Where Dr. Anderson treated many patients of all ages, including infants, children, pregnant women, and seniors.

State appointed Qualified Medical Evaluator.

Dr. Anderson opened his own private practice in California and was appointed by the State of California as a Qualified Medical Evaluator.

Board Certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Graduate of an intensive 4 year doctorate program at Cleveland College of Chiropractic in LA, CA.

Doctor of Chiropractic license in the states of IN and CA

Over 30 years experience in Chiropractic Care, practicing in California & Indiana.

Unique and Difficult Cases

Dr. Anderson takes on some of the most difficult cases that other specialists and doctors aren't able to treat.

Specializing in Low Force Adjusting, Fibromyalgia & Functional Medicine

Focus and passion are for the restoration of health, allowing his patients to live their lives to the fullest.