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Welcome to Tri County Clinic, your premier chiropractic care provider in the heart of Muncie, Indiana. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering personalized and effective treatments to support your journey towards optimal health and wellness.

Success Story

Ilene J

Whiplash – Neck – Low back – Mid back – Severe headaches

My impression of the office is great – Very friendly – very accommodating.

I really like the non-cracking method.

The results are discomfort, pain, and headaches go away.

Our Services

Chiropratic Therapy

We treat conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headache, and hand or foot problems, and to improve overall health. This approach is a type of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).


We focus on exploring movement and flexibility issues and seeks to locate and address misalignments within the spine and other joints in order to improve your overall health.

Massage Therapy

We combines massage therapy with holistic chiropractic methods to promote spine and nervous system health which in turn, improves well-being.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold lasers go deep into the skin and into underlying affected tissues without burning or surgical cutting. This promotes increased cellular production of an energy source called ATP. Cells benefit from this process and start to rebuild and regenerate themselves.

“Tri County Chiropractic Care Cured All of My Pack Pain!”

Client Testimonials

Relaxed Atmosphere

performer on the violin and viola I find the care of my joints and maintenance of flexibility to be of great importance to my career. In January 2005, I sought treatment from Dr. Anderson.
The x-rays revealed that I had scoliosis. After only one or two treatments, I immediately noticed improvement in my neck. At Dr. Anderson’s suggestion, I regularly exercise. Since that time, I have strongly increased the flexibility and range of motion in my neck movements. In addition, Dr. Anderson is working to help me regain flexibility and help reduce curvature on my spine. I have enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and attitude at the office. I appreciate that my appointments are always met in a timely fashion being the busy musician that I am. Finally, regarding the staff and overall assistance, it would be hard to find more warm, personable, responsive and professional individuals. I undeniably feel that after almost one year of chiropractic care, my immediate problem has resolved: neck pain, but more importantly the long term issue of overall health has improved. With more energy I am able to accomplish things more easily.


Activator Chiropractor

Success Story

March 2005

I was injured on my job 27 years but was told I had probably hurt myself at home. Although I had been seeing a chiropractor for years, he didn’t seem to help me. After recently moving my mother here from Oklahoma, she insisted on seeing an “activator chiropractor.” I had never even heard of one, but soon found one by using their 1-800 number. I first saw Dr. Gromala and after he retired, I then began seeing Dr. Anderson. When I first came to the office, I had to have one of my grandchildren help me put my clothes on after my shower or when I got up in the morning. I was so bad that most of the time I had to have help getting out of me be or a chair. I started feeling better and had more movement right away, but it has been very gradual for me. I realized right from the start that what took 27 years to get so bad wasn’t going to get better over-night. I am now able to shower and dress myself without help. Since I
started coming here in March 2003, I have been rear ended four times and once the person in front of me rolled back into my car. After all this I think I can now get on with my life. I’m not saying I’m pain free. But every treatment brings me a little bit closer. As far as I’m concerned it is worth every cent, I have paid to be able to live my life and enjoy my grand children without being in constant pain. Thank you, Dr. Anderson.

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Very Accommodating

Whiplash – Neck – Low back – Mid back – Severe headaches My impression of the office is great – Very friendly – very accommodating. I really like the non-cracking method. The results are discomfort, pain, and headaches go away.
Whether you are experiencing back pain, neck discomfort, or seeking preventative care, we are here to offer you the highest quality chiropractic solutions. With state-of-the-art facilities and a patient-centered approach, we aim to improve your quality of life through non-invasive techniques tailored to your unique needs. Let us help you achieve balance and vitality. Visit us today and take the first step towards a healthier, pain-free life.

Activator V: Effective, Precise, & Gentle

Chiropractic Tools | Activator V | Activator Methods International, Ltd.

The ACTIVATOR V is the first FDA registered and approved electronic and cordless chiropractic adjustment instrument of its kind.
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The Activator V is a chiropractic adjusting instrument used by chiropractors to perform precise adjustments on the spine and other joints. It’s part of a technique called Activator Methods, which is a gentle, low-force chiropractic technique aimed at restoring proper alignment and function to the body.

The Activator V is a handheld device that delivers a controlled, low-force impulse to specific areas of the body. It works by applying a quick and precise force to the targeted area, helping to alleviate pain, improve joint mobility, and enhance overall function.

One of the main advantages of the Activator V is its ability to provide consistent and reproducible adjustments, ensuring accuracy and safety for patients of all ages. Additionally, its gentle approach makes it suitable for individuals who may be uncomfortable with manual manipulation techniques.

Overall, the Activator V chiropractic tool is valued for its effectiveness, precision, and gentle approach to chiropractic care, making it a popular choice among both chiropractors and patients alike.

Activator In Action

Watch the video: Dr. David Anderson using the Activator V to perform therapeutic adjustments comfortably and effectively.
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About Us

Welcome to Tri-County Clinic of Chiropractic

At Tri-County Clinic of Chiropractic, we offer over 30 years of exceptional chiropractic care. Led by Dr. Anderson, our practice is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our community with personalized treatment.

Dr. Anderson’s Expertise

Dr. Anderson has spent three decades serving patients of all ages, from infants to seniors, in Millbrae, California. Now practicing in Muncie, Indiana, he continues to provide expert care. Appointed by the State of California as a Qualified Medical Evaluator and board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, he is well-equipped to handle a variety of musculoskeletal issues. Dr. Anderson graduated from Cleveland College of Chiropractic in Los Angeles and holds chiropractic licenses in Indiana and California.

Specializing in Challenging Cases

We take pride in tackling difficult cases that other specialists can’t treat. Dr. Anderson specializes in low force adjusting, fibromyalgia, and functional medicine, offering hope and healing to patients with complex conditions.

Our Commitment

Our passion is restoring health and empowering patients to live fully. We provide a holistic approach to address the root causes of pain and discomfort.

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